Adult XR3 and Pro Models For Men and Women


The XR3 is the all-rounder for weights 32-90 Kg. Features the Standard IPS (Impact Protection System), for adults and teens. If your weight is well above average, you will however get less rebound effect and might consider the Pro model. Additional metal Coil Springs can be added to the      T-Springs for an even harder rebound experience.


The KJ Pro7 can return up to double the energy compared to the standard XR3 model. It also includes the versatile T-Springs TS-Pro6 plus 2 steel coil springs, which can optionally be added on the T-Spring to make the IPS spring system even harder to compress.  The KJ Pro7 incorporates all the latest patented technology and is the most effective, efficient and versatile product available in its category. 

The Pro model is suitable for men and women 90-150 KG. Also suitable for atheltic builds, runners and for plyometric training.


All models are multi-sized. The special inner liner stretches to your foot size.


Extra Small Jnr 13-2

Small 3-5

Medium 5-8

Large 9-10

Extra Large 11-14

Note that models Extra Small (XS) and Small (S) have 2 straps as the boot is too small for 3 Straps as shown in the images.