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Enter the Shop. Select your model, colour and size. Power Shoe for Children, XR3 for adults 32-90 Kg, Pro7 for athletes and weights above 90 Kg.


Orders are placed securely via Wix Payments.

Orders are usually processed within 48 hours and usually delivered 3-5 working days later.

14 DAY Returns & Refunds

We are 99.9% certain that you will love to keep your wonderful Kangoo Jumps Rebound Shoes.

However, we offer a 14 day Moneyback Guarantee should you not feel satisfied. Excluding the return shipping at the buyer's cost.

Goods must be returned in perfect condition and only tested on carpet indoors, taking care not to mark the boots and not used outside.

3 days from receipt to review and check and report any alleged problems (including purchases as a gift). 14 days to register the request to return and receive an authorisation. 14 days to return the complete product and packaging at the buyer's cost. 

A return authorisation must be submitted with a reason via email to

Do You Sell Elsewhere? How To Spot A Fake!

As an Official U.K. Distributor we are an officially licensed outlet for Kangoo Jumps products.

Be very careful of fake products (as our 20 year patent has ended - so China can produce absolute CR*P) and fake Instructor Training classes 

We Created  Kangoo Jumps Rebound Shoes - Buyer Beware Of  Fake Cr*p Or 2nd Hand!
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