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29th March 2021

The next step post-Lockdown restrictions are lifted. Outdoor sport is now permitted! Check with your instructor or go for a run and exercise in your local area.

11th January 2021 - Back In Lockdown

The latest Total Lockdown is from 4th January. We returned to the office after New Year holidays into Tier 4 and have to reduce our hours and days worked to comply with the government's Stay At Home request. This means that answering the phone and emails has to be reduced so please bear with us as we work around this together. Orders will continue to be shipped twice a week.

20th December - Lockdown 3

After more confusion from the Government we are now in Tier 4. 20th December is the last despatch day for orders placed before Christmas. 

27th November - Lockdown 2

Please check the Government website to see how the local Covid Tier System affects you. A Tier Table is on this page to assist you. Zoom in to read.

As we are now leaving Lockdown 2, and entering in to December, we are working in unprecedented circumstances due to this global pandemic affecting everyone of us.


Following the UK Government's decision to close all non-essential retail stores we were lucky that we are purely e-retail, but you must phone first for delivery and stock times. Only our physical Training, Summer Events and Classes in England were sadly interrupted as we navigated the weeks ahead together. This Summer we’ve missed you!


Currently we are expecting our new winter stock. The UK Team are working to strict Health & Safety and Public Health guidelines in the sales office and warehouse. We are also monitoring our delivery service with our partners Parcelforce and Hermes, to operate in the safest way possible. There couriers will be adding delivery times to our already stated delivery times. Our staff are working in socially distanced conditions on split shifts twice a week. Luckily the sales office and warehouse are separate buildings.


We’ll do our best to send your order as soon as we receive it, so please don’t call us in the meantime - please bear with us. We’re experiencing an unprecedented number of calls/emails at the moment and have fewer colleagues able to work because of the unprecedented global coronavirus situation and underlying health conditions and Lockdown. Staff are coming to work and risking their health but have been advised to Stay Home. Thank you UK Team for your commitment to the cause.


Thank you too for your support as this is clearly a very challenging and uncertain time for us all. We are committed to protecting our UK Team.


Keep Safe, Stay At Home.


Please don’t blame the UK Team - Blame the Virus!

We are currently experiencing a high volume of calls and emails. We will endeavour to respond to your enquiry as quickly as possible during these challenging times. Customers are advised to call before placing an order. Currently the Team are working two day shift patterns per week and are following Government guidelines to Stay Safe and are Shielding. But if you call and do not leave a message you will not be called back, 144 messages received last weekend and only 3 messages left. So please leave a message as the Team are unfortunately not qualified mind readers - even during lockdown. Emails may take 7-10 working days to respond.

Phone contact is 11-5pm and will go to voicemail if a member of the Team is driving or in the process of a meeting. Please note we do not work weekends.

Delivery is up to 3 weeks at this unprecedented time due to the global pandemic.

Stay Safe, Stay Home, Protect the NHS.

16th October


Following the latest announcements from the Government regarding the lockdown Tiers in various areas. If we were unsure about the guidelines before this week, many of us are even more confused about what we can and can’t do now! Let's see if this helps... 

The new Three-Tier system of restrictions mean we’re all having to understand different rules depending on where we live. And with certain areas moving into new Tiers from midnight on Saturday, millions more people will have a new set of rules to make sure they're following.

From Saturday, 17th October, half the country's population will be in either "high" or "very high" areas.

Several areas have already moved up from Tier 1 ‘Medium’ to Tier 2 ‘High’. This includes Kangoo Jumps Dance classes in London, Essex, North East England, North West England, South East England, North East Scotland and South Wales (and more.)


Can I attend an indoor exercise class? 

Yes, with restrictions. Indoor exercise classes and other activity groups can only continue provided that households or support bubbles do not mix. Where it is likely that groups will mix, these activities must not go ahead. Check with both the Instructor and check with the venue and evaluate your own risk.

There are exceptions to enable disability and youth sport and physical activity indoors, in any number.

Can I still take place in sports activities outdoors?


Yes. In line with the guidelines from the venue management and your licensed Kangoo Jumps instructor, you can take part in sport and physical activity outdoors. Check with both the Instructor and check with the venue and evaluate your own risk.

In Tier 2, I can go to the gym with others but not my friends? What happens if I bump into them at the gym?


“The point is that you can’t have an organised trip to the gym, because households can’t mix indoors,” says Dr Tildesley, Warwick University.

“Theoretically you could attend the same class with your friend, but you can’t go training in the gym with your friend. If you happen to bump into your friend in the gym then you should treat that the same as any other interaction with anyone else in the gym.”

Why do gyms have to shut in Tier 3?

Dr Tildesley says it isn’t compulsory for gyms to shut under Tier 3 rules, but left to local leaders to decide.

“But you’re trying to minimise the spread of the virus in areas where we might expect people to mix, and gyms are a number of venues we think might be higher risk.”

Should I share a car with someone from outside my household? (i.e. travelling to a class)

No, in most cases. The Government says it is difficult to socially distance during car journeys and transmission of coronavirus can occur in this context. 

So you should avoid travelling with someone from outside your household or your support bubble unless you can practise social distancing.

The best advice we can give is to Stay at Home if possible, Stay Safe, Protect The NHS and put on a YouTube class video to follow. There are thousands out there! Check that the instructor and venue’s own guidelines match that of the Government’s.

In Tier 2, I can go to the gym with others but not my friends? What happens if I bump into them at the gym?


“The point is that you can’t have an organised trip to the gym, because households can’t mix indoors,” says Dr Tildesley.

Theoretically you could attend the same class with your friend, but you can’t go training in the gym with your friend. If you happen to bump into your friend in the gym then you should treat that the same as any other interaction with anyone else in the gym.”

If my area becomes Tier 3, am I still able to travel outside of it for work (or attend a fitness class)?


“Under Tier 3 rules you must avoid all non-essential travel,” says Dr Tildesley.

“If the purpose of that work trip can’t be achieved from home, then it would be regarded as essential travel.”


The UK Team will help to keep you informed the best we can. The above information is available in the public arena, always check first - we are not experts.

Deliveries are currently disrupted for up to 3 weeks. Plan ahead for Christmas. Please check by phoning first. Check out before you checkout.

5th October 2020

Further to Government announcements  it can be confirmed that there is no change to group exercise classes.

As long as participants maintain social distancing as per the approved guidelines and do not interact or mingle in individual groups of more than 6 (per bubble), then classes can continue as they are now. This is applicable to gyms, leisure centres and community venues. Numbers are limited by the size of the venue and allowing the 100 sq foot per person including all staff and instructors. You are allowed multiple groups within the venue, but each individual group must not have more than 6 in it, unless they are from the same household.

Organised children’s indoor classes, even in a team environment, are also exempt from the “rule of 6”.

Outdoor classes can also continue as per the approved guidelines of up to a maximum of 30 persons as long as social distancing remains, and all COVID complaint guidelines remain in force.

Please also be reminded that participants that should not mingle entering and leaving classes as social distancing remains in force outside of the class environment.

Please remember that as of 24th September, venues are now required to show the NHS Track and Trace QR code.

The Government have updated their website with clarification on this here.

It is down to the venue, but for community venues, depending on the arrangement it may be down to the actual hirer. Please check with the venue and Instructor and Stay Safe or Stay At Home to exercise.

22nd September the House of Commons Statement.

The Prime Minister has said today that the time had come to "tighten up" the rules banning gatherings of more than six people.

The "rule of six" will be extended to apply to all adult indoor team sports, such as 5-a-side football games from Thursday 24th September.

That suggests gym exercise classes may still be exempt. Maybe your local Kangoo Jumps class?

Check with your licensed Instructor and the leisure centre for clarity and stay safe.

We have followed the British Government guidelines during this unprecedented global pandemic and followed the lockdown and social distancing, isolation and shielding guidelines since March. Closing the office and warehouse to protect our staff and to keep safe. Social distancing in the office and separate warehouse is being observed resulting to working with a reduced Team.

Last week we deep cleaned our office and warehouse and rearranged the layout in line with government guidelines to protect our colleagues.

Some items may not be in stock so it is important that you call 07878 645207 before placing an order.         A Team member will check the stock and call you back. We import from Taiwan and ship through Europe and finally into the U.K. The sudden Government total lockdown broke this important supply chain and we need time to recover.

If you are self-isolating, please make your courier aware on delivery. It is vital that you sign for the package to prove that  you have received it. We have also advised our couriers to limit personal contact, such as handshakes, so please don’t take this personally.

Due to social distancing the company is working with a reduced Team and the mobile may go to voicemail. Please leave a message and a staff member will get back to you. But it may take a few days.


Our Team are doing their very best under these very challenging times. Please respect the stress that we are under and show us understanding of the situation.

Stay Safe, Save Lives

We are all in this together

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