Pair of metal Coil Springs that can be added to the T-Spring Pro models for maximum rebound effect. If you have the XR3 model first try to upgrade your T-Springs to Pro T-Springs before it being necessary to use Coil Springs. Coil Springs are usually only used by morbidly obese people or serious athletes in training.


For those who want to maximize energy and rebound effect.

Metal Coil Spring


    Rehabilitation & Exercise from The Original.


    For safe jogging and running, home fitness, weight loss, athletic training and injury rehabilitation. All terrains indoors and out. All ages 5 to 90+


    Reduces impact shock, enduces rapid fat loss, increases endurance (VO2 Max), improves core strength and balance, helps to correct body posture and optimizes cardiovascular health.


    Many scientific studies have been conducted over the past 20 years. Kangoo Jumps® have been constantly improved, under Swiss engineering protocol.


    Rebound exercise is "The most efficient and effective form of exercise yet devised by man" N.A.S.A. Kangoo Jumps exercise programs are a full body workout. Kangoo Jumps provide an enjoyable rebounding effect, even a sense of EUPHORIA! This adds to the FUN factor motivating users to fight obesity and apathy.


    'Have Fun, Getting Fit!' is our motto and way of life!




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