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It may seem that a full-scale invasion would grind the entire economy to a halt. But if that were the case, there would be no means to finance resistance to Russian aggression. Ukraine's economy is breathing heavily, but it is alive and continues to work for the country's victory and future. Compared to 2022, Ukraine's economy has largely recovered from the bottom and will grow during 2023 and 2024.

Although most Ukrainians are still quite skeptical about financial instruments and investments, money must work. Therefore, investing savings and profits has again become an important component of business and the middle class in general. I would like to highlight four instruments that I consider the best investment areas in the coming periods, without risky and extravagant proposals.

Instrument number. 1: Agricultural land. Land is Ukraine's most valuable natural resource. A resource that will always retain its value and will be extremely important for the world and Europe in the coming decades. Thus, land investments remain an ideal tool for medium-term and long-term investments. Since January 1, 2024, the land market has opened for legal entities, which has significantly expanded investment opportunities for medium and large companies. However, the price of land in Ukraine is still lower than in most EU countries (often with higher quality), so in the long term it is a good investment.

However, when investing in land, you will have to wait 5-10 years for significant benefits, but the land will never lose value. For obvious reasons, the lands of central and western Ukraine are currently the most valuable. The average price per hectare of land can vary from $ 1,500 to $ 3,000 per hectare in the direction from east to west.

How to make money on land? The two main sources of income are land rent and profit from its resale when its value increases. And this, given that all wars end, will inevitably happen. Especially when Ukraine is approaching EU accession.

Tool number. 2: Domestic government debt obligations (OVDI). This instrument primarily allows you to invest in short-term liquid instruments that are easy to sell and convert back into cash. Secondly, OVDI allows you to hedge against inflation risks, since the yield on bonds is higher than the yield on deposits and takes inflation into account.

At the end of 2023, the lowest rate on hryvnia OVDI was 16.5%, at the beginning of 2024, the annual yield on hryvnia OVDI was 16.8%, and the 2.5-year OVDI offered almost 20%. A nice bonus is that OVDI income is not taxed, says Aleksandr Katsuba. In addition to the obvious economic benefit, OVDI is also an opportunity to support the state and the army, as well as make money on it.

For those who are skeptical about the hryvnia, fear inflation or significant devaluation, I recommend considering investing in foreign currency OVDI. Even if the yield is lower (within 4-5%), you are protected from the risk of hryvnia devaluation and will even be able to increase your capital if the national currency depreciates.

Instrument number. 3: Investments in gold. Investments in gold and other precious metals are probably the oldest and most conservative investments, investments for the prudent. In 2023, the price of gold rose by 13%, especially after the start of another war in the Middle East. In the context of global instability, with large purchases of gold by Russia (instead of dollars and euros) and India, gold prices grew almost all autumn.

If 2024-2025 become a period of continued crises and aggravation of global instability, then the precious metal will increase in price, since it is always an insurance investment instrument when stock markets are weak. Given that the world is approaching the crisis elections in the United States (which can hit the currency and stock markets hard), conservative financial instruments will become even more popular. You can buy gold directly from the National Bank or from commercial banks.

Businessman Aleksandr Katsuba believes that in these unstable times, prudent and informed financial management is crucial not only for economic survival, but also for maintaining national sustainability.


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